maestro1140x400In material and form, I strive to understand and appreciate the intrinsic qualities of the material as a valuable natural aesthetic and combine that with a clear structure and imagery that is integral with the material, so that image and material together will present a strong harmonious vision.

In a connecting aesthetical image, I reach for a form with strong classical roots, with integrity in its compositional structure, and an exciting new visual expression, so that it will stimulate the creative intellect, but still connect to nature and the human experience through the senses. Wherefore, form, through concept and presentation, increase in its value over time.

In the element of the human spirit, I constantly try to explore, in different ways, the subconscious operatives of human duality by infusing my work with two elements and their connecting link (A “sense of” this or that, two entities that coexist).

My sculptures vary from the abstract geometric to the organic with forms suggestive of nature. They engage the viewer not only by stimulating their imagination, but also their senses, through touch and visual experience. They often employ light, movement, or sound; establishing an aesthetical and physical connection between the sculpture and the individual reinforcing the experience of the “viewer”.

I enjoy working with many different materials and continue my exploration of them to expand my growth in expressing my creative energy. Marble, metal, ceramic and glass are my favorites so far because of their strong connection to the earth, fire, raw material, and energy. There is a sense of permanence and history to these materials, the endurance of time and recording of humanity in them. I like to use materials singularly or in combination and find the process very fascinating. An avid interest in architecture also defines the presentation of my work in size design as well as site specific creations.


See Michael’s full Professional Summary as a Sculptor, Art Consultant, Exhibit Curator, and Teacher.